Memory Cleaner X

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An excellent program to clear the memory on your Mac


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Memory Cleaner X is a terrific program to monitor and manage your Mac's memory usage in a super fast and efficient way.

Memory Cleaner X is the best tool out there for freeing up memory on your computer. Once it's installed, it stays in your menu bar for quick access. The program's pull-out box shows how much memory you're using, plus the proportions of use: how much space is free out of how much you have in total, which applications are consuming your memory and how much, and when your memory was last cleaned. From the same menu you can clean the memory with just a click, and in seconds you'll see how much space you've freed up.

This program also has certain highly useful tools, one being the option to automate the memory cleanup process and configure how often it runs. For instance, if your memory use tops a certain percentage, you can set the program to free up space automatically. Plus you can set it to clear your memory every time you uninstall an application. These two features let you forget about doing manual cleanup and leave your Mac's memory in the best possible hands.

Memory Cleaner X is a terrific option to monitor, clean, and fine-tune your Mac, keeping it in optimal condition with almost no effort on your part.